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The Commandments to Moses


The Laws given to Moses, show us how far the human race has fallen from its designed and created purpose.

It shows us that we can never rescue ourselves and that we need a Saviour.

Response : Repent and Receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour of our lives.

The Promise to King David


The Covenant or promise to David that an eternal king would sit on his throne reminds us that Jesus is the fulfillment of that promise.

Jesus is the rightful and eternal king of the universe.

Response : Live our lives under the rule of Jesus Christ as he commanded in his Sermon on the Mount

The Promise to Abraham


The Covenant or promise to Abraham that through him all the world would be blessed and the fulfillment by Jesus that through Jesus the world would be saved.

This is like a treasure map that points to Jesus Christ.

Response : Share the blessing (ie Christ) with others

Historial Significance of Christmas

Christmas is not just a celebration of another good person’s birthday. It has both historical and eternal significance.

In this presentation, we explore the Biblical facts and significance of the birth of Jesus Christ in the Great Rescue of Man by the Creator, God of the Bible

Oncoapop, MA (Oxon), DIC, PhD (Imp Coll, Lond, UK) ​and

Pilgrim Mom. MD (Romania)​

Heart for Youth


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