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Heart for Youth was founded in 2002 to help empower youth to realize their full potential in Christ. Through training, development, investment and advising - practical sharing of the love of Jesus Christ, we enabled youth to change their communities.

The research unit was formed to conduct background surveys and research into the issues facing youth today and the best way Heart for Youth can transform society. We have determined that it is only by the love, life, death and blood of Jesus Christ can society be redeemed for eternity. 

Historial Significance of Christmas

Christmas is not just a celebration of another good person’s birthday. It has both historical and eternal significance.

In this presentation, we explore the Biblical facts and significance of the birth of Jesus Christ in the Great Rescue of Man by the Creator, God of the Bible

Oncoapop, MA (Oxon), DIC, PhD (Imp Coll, Lond, UK) ​and

Pilgrim Mom. MD (Romania)​

Heart for Youth


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